Thursday, November 26, 2009

A rather whiny entry... feel free to skim past ;)

Remember way back when, when I bought myself a necklace and was excited about the prospect of new beginnings?

Well, now the reality of 'a new beginning' has settled in, and I find myself not-so excited anymore. Still happy to be here in a new city, embarking on a new life mind you, but the actual experience is regrettably a tad lack-luster.

The apartment hunt has been brutal. After the dreaded Pauline experience on Monday, and a low-day on Tuesday, Roomie and I decided to sit down and sort through our expectations what our next steps should be over a green tea and chai latte last night. Conclusion was that we would be fabulous roommates, but that finding an apartment in which to be fabulous roommates that suits both of our tastes/wants/budgets is near impossible. Now we are in an 'open relationship' if you will. That is, we are continuing to look for places together however we are allowed to see other single apartments on our own.

Then there is the job hunt, which I have been actively post-poning and which all together terrifies me. Okay perhaps "terrifies" is a strong word, but I do find the whole ordeal to be daunting in an overwhelming sort of way. In my defence, and to not seem like a total sissy I would like to say that part of the reason I have been reluctant to start the job search is because of Christmas. No one is going to give a new employee a week off for the holidays first month in.

Then there is the matter of actually getting home for Christmas which is something that I have perhaps delayed longer than is apt, as flights are now dwindling in availability and skyrocketing in cost. All is not lost on that front either however because WestJet has a seat sale today (helloooo 65% off!)

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