Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm a sucker for packaging

It's true, I'll admit it. Show me an attractive book cover, vintage inspired make-up casing, or a fun, quirky store and I will consider buying your product. (Please don't judge me..I can't help it!) For example, this afternoon while perusing through this weeks Now I stumbled upon a beautiful movie poster. To be precise it was this movie poster:

I mean c'mon!

Colin Firth - whom I can't help but have a crush on (and I know if you look deep inside you'll admit that there is indeed something about this adorable British man that you can't get enough of) - Julianne Moore, who is just plain fabulous, a 1960s setting, and directed by Tom Ford? I am going to see this movie.

...and then I looked up the trailer...

...and am stoked. Dramatic music, cinematography that was obviously guided by a fashion designer's eye, AND Matthew Goode ('cause I know I have a crush on him..) ?!!? I am going to see this movie.

(Of course I also said the same about this movie poster, and sadly have yet to head to the movie theatre)..

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