Friday, December 4, 2009

VICTORY! and Dreamin' Big


We haven't signed the lease yet, but a lease has been drafted and the place is as good as ours. Initially we had some trepidations about the area; it wasn't really where we initially thought we wanted to live, and it's more of an "up and coming neighbourhood" than an established area BUT it is close to downtown, the apartment is gorgeous and the rent is right on target SO it's a go.

I stewed over this place for a while, but now that it's a go-ahead I can tell that I am excited and really like it.

How can I tell you ask? Why because I have been thinking, invisioning, and looking up ways to decorate my fancy new digs.

For example, I think this print (courtesy of Ciao Chessa) is fabulous and would look oh-so-cute in our bathroom
and I'm thinking a sectional sofa would be great in the living room... perhaps not this one
(even though it's the coolest ever) but something simple, classic like any of these

and Roomie is intent on having some sort of deer, or squirrel, or antler in our apartment, so perhaps something cutsie and vintage like this for our mantle (because, that's right we have a brick fireplace!)

or maybe a couple of these little guys?? All in all, I am happy that the Apartment Safari is [temporarily at least] over and while I have nowhere near enough cash to furnish the apartment as I see it in my dreams, with some creativity, some clever budgeting and some craigslist finds, I'm sure we can make this place a wonderful starter apartment for our fab new Toronto life.

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